nCounter® Analysis System is a platform developed by nanoString Technologies and it enables basic research, translational studies and in-vitro diagnostic applications.

With this hybridization-based method developed by nanoString, up to 800 different targets can be counted in a single reaction, based on a multiplex digital molecular barcoding technique. This technology does not require any enzymatic reaction or any amplification step, and its ability to generate high-quality data in a very short period of time make the nCounter® Analysis System stand out against other alternatives such as qPCR. A wide range of starting materials can be analyzed with this platform: from total RNA to cell lysates, as well as genetic material from FFPE tissues, which are very difficult to work with. While the counting of different molecules can be done with high precision, this technology can detect DNA, RNA and protein isolates in a single tube by implementing a system called 3D. In addition, with Plex design, it is possible to reach a total of 9216 gene expression data in 96 samples in 2 days.

nCounter® Analysis System can be used for cancer, immunology, immuno-oncology, inflammation and neuroscience studies and it also enables custom studies. Additionally, data obtained from new generation sequencing (NGS) and microarray analysis are frequently validated by nCounter® Analysis System.

The nCounter® Analysis System is the ideal platform to develop diagnostic tests that can be used clinically. The applications of the nCounter® Analysis System are as follows:

  • 3D technology
  • Ready to use panels
  • Gene expression analysis
  • miRNA profiling
  • miRNA and mRNA single tube profiling (miRGE) from the same sample
  • lncRNA
  • “Fusion genes” panels
  • Copy Number Variation (CNV)
  • SNV (Single Nucleotide Variation)
  • ChIP-String
  • Single cell analysis
  • Retrospective studies with FFPE tissues
  • RNA-Seq and microarray validation
  • Protein analysis
  • Pathway analysis