İontek is the exclusive distributor of the Guardant 360® genomic test in Turkey. Guardant 360® is a liquid biopsy test based on next generation sequencing technology and uses peripheral blood as sample.

Guardant Health is a pioneer in non-invasive cancer diagnostics and the first company to commercialize a comprehensive genomic liquid biopsy. The test is performed in a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratory.

The company’s proprietary digital sequencing technology is transforming cancer treatment by providing an accurate and precise picture of the individual genomic alterations that cause tumors to grow, change, and develop resistance to treatment. The test has been developed by combining decades of scientific research, advances in laboratory technology, and the breakthrough innovation in liquid biopsy and it has already handled tens of thousands of samples.

Guardant 360® detects circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in blood specimens of advanced solid-tumor cancer patients. It identifies all actionable somatic genomic targets recommended by leading guidelines with a single blood draw. Guardant 360®’s proprietary digital sequencing method nearly eliminated false positives.

Today liquid biopsies are largely a tool for therapy selection for advanced cancers. But some day their utility will cover the entire cancer-care continuum. Liquid biopsies may soon be a tool for early detection, an aid in neoadjuvant and adjuvant therapy, and a non-invasive method for residual disease monitoring and recurrence monitoring.

We know cancer is a dynamic disease and evolves in the face of treatment, and understanding that evolution is critical to developing new treatment plans. Guardant Health has built a massive database of genomic information about how advanced cancers respond to therapy, which will help us map the paths cancers take when under treatment pressure.

The more detail we add to this map, the better we will understand the disease, and the sooner we can hope to defeat it. We believe this resource can accelerate new drug development and improve the lives of all patients fighting cancer.